Telangana DGP questioned on the delay of Nerella FIR

Hyderabad High Court questions the unnecessary delay in the filing of Nerella case. They have ordered a probe and also registered a criminal case against the errant police officers that were responsible for the torture of the youth in Nerella. The High Court has also asked the Telangana DGP to put front the reasons behind the delay in the counter that had been filed before the court, says Nirmal Singh 3C Company.
Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the bench of acting Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice M Ganga Rao was called after the Civil Liberties Committee filed a petition to look into situation against the torture of the youth, who are also looking for CBI probe into the incident against the policemen responsible.
Sanjeev Kumar, Telangana special counsel told the court that they have registered an FIR against a sub inspector who on the day of the revolt started killing the people and also were behind the speeding lorry in Nerella village.
Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that…

New Delhi Metro Rates After The Recent Price Hike - Nirmal Singh 3c company


Uttar Pradesh Government Proposes A Large Statue Of Lord Ram On The River Bank In Ayodhya

The Uttar Pradesh government now lead by Yogi Adityanath proposes to build a grand statue of  Lord Ram on the banks of the Saryu river  in Ayodhya as a part of their project “Navya Ayodhya.” The proposal has been presented to Governor Ram Naik as a part of the State tourism departments initiative to promote religious tourism in the State.
The presentation was made by Awanish Kumar Awasthi, Principal Secretary of Tourism. As per the presentation, the size of the statue would be 100 m but according to the sources at Nirmal Singh 3C Company, the size of the statue hasn’t been finalized yet. The presentation included information on the programmes scheduled for the Diwali celebration in Ayodhya as on October 18. The celebrations are believed to be accompanied by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Government Naik, Union Tourism Minister K J Alphons and Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma.
Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the project will be started soon after the clearing from the National Green T…

Black Money Transaction suspected from Bank after demonetization, government starts the investigation

The government on Friday has provided information on the post note ban transactions given by 13 banks on 5,800 dubious companies. As per their information, ₹ 4,574 crore had been deposited in the banks after the demonetization in around 13,140 bank accounts of those companies. They also informed that ever since the demonetization, around ₹ 4,552 crore had been withdrawn from those accounts.
Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that there is data that proves there were many companies who had more than 100 accounts their names. In fact, there were such fraudulent companies who had around 2,134 accounts, and many of them had around 300 to 900 accounts. The banks provided a data where the companies showed a balance of ₹ 22.05 crore on November 8, 2016 and before being striked off as of November 9,2016, they had deposited a total amount of ₹ 4,573.878 crore in the accounts but withdrew ₹4552 crore on November 9. The companies that had a loan account had a negative opening balance of around ₹ 80.79…


One news that has been triggering amongst the people of Delhi is the proposed hike in the fares of the metro. Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that the prices of the metro increased just a few months back and with another proposal to increase the base rates of the metro have created a lot of fury amongst the crowd. Seeing this, the government of Delhi has requested the metro staff to not increase the rates of the metro and warned them that despite the multiple requests from the government, if they still continue with the hike, then the AAP government would be forced to remove Delhi metro chief, Mangu Singh from his position
The last hike in the rate of the metro has taken place just in the month of May, and it has not even been six months and the metro staff has proposed another hike for the same. This decision has been strictly opposed by the Delhi government and this has given the people of Delhi some hope.
Nirmal Singh 3C Company said metro is the most common form of transport for peopl…

Petrol, Diesel Prices Finally See A Significant Drop In The Prices After Two Years.

After two years of constant hike in the prices, Petrol and diesel prices finally saw a cut in excise duty bringing some relief to the consumers.  Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that for the past few years, the prices for petrol and diesel are being revised on a daily basis, and in more than 2 years span have they seen an effective cut in the prices. As per the current revision, prices of diesel have fallen by ₹ 2.25 per litre in Delhi and Kolkata, ₹2.38 in Mumbai and ₹ 2.41 in Chennai, w.e.f. October 4, 2017. As compared to the prices on October 3, diesel would be ₹ 59.14 in Delhi, ₹ 61.8 in Kolkata, ₹ 62.82 in Mumbai and ₹ 62.3 in Chennai, according to Indian Oil Website.
And same is the case for petrol prices. Even they saw a sharp drop in the four cities, nearly ₹ 2.5 per litre in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai and ₹ 2.6 in Chennai. Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that after the current drop, the petrol prices w.e.f. October 4, 2017 would be ₹ 68.38 in Delhi, ₹ 71.16 in Kolkata, ₹ 79.99 in …

Delhi Police Officer Faced A Mild Warning After Forcibly Kissing A Woman - Nirmal Singh 3C Company

In a space of four years, from 2012 to 2016, as many as four house officers have been charged with molesting women. Of those four Delhi Police officers, only one has seen the trial rooms. Back in 2014, Kuldeep Singh, who was the SHO of a police station in Defence Colony, Delhi, had allegedly sent lewd text messages to a woman who had a case in the same police station. He also tried calling the woman at odd hours at night. During an incident singled out by the woman, Kuldeep Singh came to her office and kissed her forcibly.
As any woman would do in this situation, she filed a complaint after talking to the seniors at the police station. A simple inquiry was put in action on the issue and Kuldeep was let go after a mild warning at best. He is now working at Neb Sarai as a station house officer.-Nirmal Singh 3C Company After a news portal filed an RTI application it was found out that as many as four officers have been charged with molesting women in the last four years, only one was bo…